Review: Green Lanterns #22

Review: Green Lanterns #22

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Ronan Cliquet
Color: Hi-Fi

It’s a Green Lantern family reunion of sorts for Cruz and Baz in Part One of the new Green Lanterns story arc titled “Lost in Space.”

Review: Green Lanterns #22

Although this issue didn’t really have really much, or next to any action at all, it’s one of those issues that’s just plain fun. Not only do we get to see some familiar faces such as Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, and Kilowog, but their interaction with the current Green Lanterns of sector 2814 is just priceless. Let’s be honest, anytime you get to sit around laughing over war stories with Kilowog while having a beer is a good day.

This issue was also very much about Jessica Cruz. It’s the first time she leaves Earth, and it definitely shows. Her astonishment, fear, and sheer enjoyment about seeing new stellar phenomena, as well as new alien lifeforms, was very endearing. I can only compare her journey to Mogo with a child learning to ride a bike for the first time. Scared but excited at the same time.

Anyone who’s ever read anything with Jessica Cruz (aka: J-Bird) knows that she is not a very confident hero. She’s always doubting herself, and why she was given this incredible power. It’s this quality that makes her so much fun to read about. She’s like a hero in training, and we’re along for the ride, watching and learning with her. This journey to Mogo is simply her next step in becoming the best hero she can be.

So what was the reason to bring Baz and Cruz all the way to Mogo? Well, if you remember back to issue #20, John Stewart demanded that they be brought in for training and a good old fashioned chit chat. Not much training yet in this issue. However, what we do get is Jessica being demoted, and losing her Lantern until she completes training. In other words, she needs to earn it. I for one love this idea. Until now, Jessica and Simon have been running on instinct, with little or no training. This will hopefully propel them both, especially Jessica, to the next level and learning to truly harness their powers. Who knows, we might one day see Jessica as arrogant as Guy Gardner, who by the way, had the best line of the issue on the last page.

The artwork in this issue was fantastic. Tons of colors and incredible lines while Jessica was seeing all the stellar phenomena and alien lifeforms, but also all the various characters and different places while they’re on the planet surface. The best page was definitely when Jessica sees Mogo for the first time. The cover with Jessica falling and trying to grab her ring was really well done, and very symbolic as well.

Review: Green Lanterns #22

Very little action in this issue. It may turn some readers off.

Review: Green Lanterns #22

A very good character building issue for sure, with a side story that will most likely take centre stage very soon. You will need to read up on issue #18 though to refresh your memories on that one, or read my review of it right here. Next issue is all about Green Lantern boot camp!

Danny Saab

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