The DC FILMS Cinematic Universe “Reboots” Its Line-Up!

With the advent of WONDER WOMAN prepping to lasso a big box office win, Warner Bros. revamps its DC Films line-up of films looking toward a bounty of potential hits through 2020!

The advanced word on the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman — the first big cinematic blockbuster fast on the heels of the Amazing Amazon’s appearance in the lukewarm Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice — has enough of the big wigs at Warner Bros. excited enough to have already demanded from Zack Snyder an immediate sequel be put on the calendar! This is great news for the film’s star Gal Gadot who will undoubtedly become a household name following her film’s premiere to the masses on June 2!

For Snyder, who delivered the introductory piece of the DC Films Cinematic Universe with his reboot of the Superman mythology, Man of Steel may have felt grim, but it hardly compared to its follow-up — and there’s still more to come with the pantheon of heroes take shape for the director’s titular opus Justice League set to unite the Last Son of Krypton, Wonder Woman and Batman proper, while catapulting the next series of features on the Warner Bros. slate which will splinter from JL which is in itself a “first part” of a larger story.

So looking at the current list of films in the DC Comics line-up expanding on the cinematic universe, it’s clear that some features have taken some priority, and some others like (like the Cyborg solo spin-off) have been moved off entirely to await their turn. Here’s what fans can expect from the current studio list of films in some stage of production after Wonder Woman premieres on June 2, 2017…

Justice League (Part 1) – Brings together the pantheon on heroes first introduced (and based on) the most recent incarnation of the premiere superhero team in the DC Comics Universe. Release Date: Nov. 17, 2017

Aquaman The King of Atlantis leaps into the depths in his own solo feature after helping unite the league. From all indications it will be the first connective story arc set-up within the cinematic universe after introducing Arthur Curry in Justice League. Release Date: Dec 21, 2018

Gotham City Sirens – Promises to center around Harley Quinn (who continues to gain prominence even after appearing in the less than stellar Suicide Squad. The story will also rally around some of the Dark Knight’s other femme fatales including Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Release Date: 2019

The Batman Will he or won’t he? There’s great speculation (still) as to whether Ben Affleck will don the cowl in the DC Films cinematic universe film that continues the Caped Crusader’s adventure, though fan’s are eager that the actor will stick to his word for the solo outing. Release Date: 2019

Dark UniverseCentered around the occult characters of the DC Comics Universe including John Constantine who was introduced in the live-action TV series on NBC that only lasted one season, though the character was resurrected to become part of The CW “Arrowverse” continuity. Release Date: 2019

The FlashThis film has had as many stops and go aheads as its Scarlet Speedster but will go forward finally, though how it will compete with the success of its TV paramour is still part of much debate. Release Date: 2020

Green Lantern CorpsThe Emerald Knights of the Green Lantern Corps are supposedly part of the “big tease” following the credit roll of the Justice League and will undoubtedly spark much debate especially after the first attempt at capturing the light ended dead in the pool! Release Date: 2020

Suicide Squad 2Yes — it may not have ramped up all that much excitement the first time around but there’s enough interest in these bad guys gone really bad that the studio is going back behind bars to break them loose on an unsuspecting public! Release Date: 2020

Justice League (Part 2) Then finally the league is reunited for the second arc of their epic origin story which should culminate in the group finally going toe to toe in a very big way against Darkseid and his horde of invaders from Apokolips! Release Date: 2020

Wonder Woman 2 – Has already been promised and we have only to assume at this point that it will follow the amazon’s appearance in the Justice League sequel, but one can never be certain. As is also the case with Man of Steel 2 which Snyder has promised will introduce Brainiac, but whether or not he will direct the project beyond develop is still speculation.

Much of this story is still developing. You can bet that DC Comics News will be following-up to keep you as close to the announcement of upcoming features as possible!

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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