Supergirl Borrows Wonder Woman’s Boots For Movie Promo

by Brandon Richardson
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In this little promo, we get to see Melissa Benoist, aka Supergirl, rock the gauntlets and boots that we have seen for the new Wonder Woman movie. The clip is fun and a bit sassy but very fitting with the song “These Boots Are Made for Walkin”. In it we see Chyler Leigh, who plays Kara’s adoptive sister Alex, Lynda Carter – you know, the original Wonder Woman from the 1970 t.v. series – as President Olivia Marsdin, and of course we see Teri Hatcher show up as Rhea who comments to Supergirl, “Nice boots.” Then it pans over to Benoist sitting at the bar and retorting with, “You like? I borrowed them from a friend.”

I think all and all it is a very well played teaser combining the alternate universe of Supergirl and her television series and the promotional aspect of the new Wonder Woman movie. Kudos to that creative team on making this little clip of fun. Don’t forget, Wonder Woman comes out June 2nd, 2017!




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