Wonder Woman continues to do well at the box office

It comes as no surprise that Wonder Woman continues to do well at the box office, both domestically and worldwide. The movie garnered critical praise from both hardcore DC fans as well as casual moviegoers as they were treated to the long-awaited cinematic debut of the DCEU’s Wonder Woman. It is well assumed that the film is doing well but the question we are looking at today is how well. Forbes recently did a break down for how well Wonder Woman did compared to other comic book movies.

According to Forbes, in it’s first 8 days since release, Wonder Woman has made $354 million worldwide, with $163.623 million made in the US with about $190 million being made worldwide. In its second Friday, the film has made $15.8 million, which has outpaced Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Suicide Squad. According to estimates, Wonder Woman is set to make an additional $54 million once this weekend is said and done.

That $54 million sets up the film to only have a drop of 47% from its first weekend. That sets up for one of the best drop rates for comic book related movies. Here’s a quick breakdown of some notable comic book movies:

  • The Dark Knight – 65%
  • Avengers – 63%
  • Iron Man – 61.5%
  • Spiderman – 49%
  • Wonder Woman – 47%

One can surmise that the sustainability of this movie is due in large part to an ongoing and steady marketing campaign, word of mouth from other movie goers, and a movie that appeals to demographics beyond young males. These numbers can only make executives at Warner Bros take note and continue to improve their ability to develop the rest of the DCEU.

Things just keep getting better for DC.

Wonder Woman is in theaters now.



Joseph Marcas

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