DC Bombshells Renamed Bombshells United

That is right, the Bombshells are back with a new take starting in the year 1943 where Wonder Woman is beckoned to come aid two helpless people as their friends and families are torn from their homes and forced into internment camps.  Writer Marguerite Bennett talked to ComicsBeat about how this will take place in a part of Japanese American history that typically gets glossed over when it comes to World War II.

However, it won’t be just a typical tale where Wonder Woman and her friends come in, beat up the bad guys, and save the day. No, this time she has to go up against those whom she once fought side by side with. In the internment camp their rises two young heroes, Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy. These two will play an intricate part in the Bombshells United series where other heroines will be added in later like Katana, Black Canary, and Bumblebee.

Bennett went on to explain Bombshells United as such,

Wonder Woman did not appear to intervene in the real story of Japanese-American internment. It was the actual communities that affected real change. The reading list will basically say that these are the books you can read, these are the places you can visit, and these are the people you can speak to to learn how it actually went down. I wanted to avoid a white savior thing at all costs…I hope the power dynamics are very clear about who’s calling the shots in this story.

The story will bring in a cast of rotating artists which include some you may recognize from the previously released issues of DC Comics: Bombshells. First up is Marguerite Sauvage to draw the first arc. With its first digital release landing on August 25th and first prints releasing on September 6th with issue #1, followed by issue #2 on September 20th of this year. If you want the rundown of the two first issues just scroll past the awesome art.

Credit: DC Comics


Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Marguerite Sauvage
Letters: Wes Abbott
Cover for #1: Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson
Cover for #2: Stephanie Hans
Variant cover: Babs Tarr
Chapters: weekly
Print issues: collect 2 chapters and will double ship at $2.99
“The Bombshells are back in an all-new series! As our new tale begins, the year is 1943, and Wonder Woman is called to Arizona for help by two young girls named Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy! The girls’ friends and families are being displaced from their homes and forced into internment camps! To save them, can Wonder Woman fight against the same people she once fought alongside?
Then in Bombshells United issue #2, things continue to get hairy as Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy’s families and friends are in the forest avoiding the camps, by Wonder Woman’s direction; only to have a spy in their midst! Can things get any worse for them?!
Be sure to check out Bombshells United this September!!!


Brandon Richardson

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