Wonder Woman Actor Says Chief Is A Demi-God!

by Brandon Richardson
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Eugene Brave Rock has just dropped a behemoth of a movie secret! Chief is a demi-god!

If you are a little lost then let me explain. In the movie, Wonder Woman, their is a character named Chief, who many believed to actually be the Super Friends character, Apache Chief. And they just might be right!

The Indian Country Today reported Wonder Woman’s first encounter with Chief.  In this encounter the two talked in a Native American language of the Blackfoot Indians.

Their talk comprised of Chief telling her that his name is Napi, a demi-god of the Blackfoot also known as Old Man. He goes on to say that he was the first man made by the Creator, and how he helped shape the people and this world. As far as the lore of Napi goes, his origin story is actually pretty awesome. Instead of being an all-knowing, benevolent deity, he is more of a trickster demi-god that is supposed to show how the real world is not easily controlled. The character Napi isn’t an improvised introduction or an inside joke. Brave Rock had a lot of creative freedom with the character but this was in fact a part of the script. Which having Chief be the first person Diana actually shakes hands with makes a lot of sense that she would welcome another demi-god.

Now this doesn’t mean that Napi will be playing a major part in the DCEU. It does allow us to see a deeper part into the Wonder Woman movie and the great depths that they are willing to go in order to add detail to even the smallest things. I can’t wait to see what else they add into the rest of the films this year and the years to come!

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