Marc Silvestri May Finally Team Up Batman And The Joker

by Shean Mohammed
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Like many of the pioneers at Image Comics, every one of these creators has either worked for DC or Marvel, but only a handful have worked for both, and one such is Marc Silvestri, whose seminal work at Image, Witchblade, has spawned a live action and anime series. One of his long gestating projects that might see the light of day very soon is his vision for a Batman and Joker team-up book, which looks to be a six issue miniseries, where the two longtime rivals have to team-up against a common enemy. Recently, Jeff Spry at Syfy Wire spotted some news at Geek Tyrant, where this very word is in the air over at DC headquarters:

“Having worked for Marvel and DC, Silvestri has had many projects in development, but few are older than his vision of a bold Batman and the Joker team-up. Rumors are rumbling that the creator will finally realize his long-gestating project, writing and drawing a new six-issue mini-series that pairs the Clown Prince of Crime with the Dark Knight against a common, unnamed enemy. No official announcement from DC, but a press release should be coming soon.”

Again, these are rumors for the time being, but looks to be very solid news, and much like Frank Miller’s Dark Knight III: The Master Race series, this will offer a very different take on not only the World’s Greatest Detective but a vision of the Clown Prince we may have never seen before.

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