Black Lightning showrunner confirms Thunder and Lightning will have powers

In a recent interview with Ni’Kesia Pannell of Essence Magazine’s website while at the Essence Festival 2017, Mara Brock Akil, who will produce the new DC series Black Lightning, had a chance to talk about the upcoming show and confirmed that Thunder and Lightning will have powers:

According to Akil, his two daughters will also show off their Black girl magic. “His daughters will have powers,” she said. “So, two young Black girls are going to be in a superhero suit. The empowerment that we have to help, save, and be the hope in our own lives is what ‘Black Lightning’ is all about.”

The images and the impact that the show will bring is not lost on the Akils, as can be seen by her quote above. She also spoke about the need for more diverse portrayals of black males and black families:

“What we want to do is put Black men and the Black family back at the center,” she began. “A lot of the other shows have been led through the view of Black women, so it’s time to place the Black male back and give him a voice at the table. We have to take back the image of Black men raising their families.”

The show offers a two prong portrayal as it shows a black superhero as the main character and a positive portrayal of a black family featuring a positive black patriarch. Two things that are currently  missing from the television landscape.