Review: Superwoman #12

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: K.Perkins

Artists: Art Thibert, Stephen Segovia, Ken Lashley, Renato Guedes



“REDISCOVERY” part three! Superwoman has taken matters into her own hands, and has engaged in battle with the deadly Skyhook! The tragic origin of Crash is revealed, and the dark secret he carries has made him public enemy number one!



In this issue, we see Lana, suffer a crisis of conscience, as she struggles with her failure of catching Skyhook and finding Zeke Irons. As she tries to blame herself, other parts of her psyche become obsessed with what is going on, as even her boss senses she has a lot going on by the way she does her work. The reader also finds out that Crash has become the Everything Man, with one thing on his mind, to kill Skyhook for taking his son. Meanwhile, John Henry is also having a hard time processing why Lana went to MSCU alone.

What Lana soon finds out is that both John and Sasha are willing to forget their moral code to save Zeke. Lana, as well as John and Sasha, show up to stop Crash from doing something he would regret. What follows is a battle royale between Crash and Skyhook, but it is stopped by Superwoman as she defeats Skyhook. By the end of the issue, Lana, has found that she actually powered the suit, not the other way around, and she has much to learn about herself.



There are two negatives that I can draw from this issue, one is the constant referencing to older issues, which may seem wise, but if you are 12 issues in, I am pretty sure you have an idea of what is going on. The other negative is that it was too short, as this never really told us where exactly Zeke Irons is, to at least give the reader some hope.



Worth buying to see the whole family in action !!


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