San Diego Comic-Con is here and we are expecting great and awesome stuff to be released this weekend. The CW released a new promo for their superheroes, showcasing their transition from the pages of comic books to the screens of our television. It also features the newcomer, Black Lightning. Check the promo below.

The Comic-Con panel will kick off with Supergirl on Saturday, July 22, at 3:30pm PT in Ballroom 20. Then it will be followed by DC’s Legends of Tomorrow at 4:10pm PT, with Black Lightning at 4:50pm PT, then followed by the fastest man alive The Flash at 5:10 pm PT and will be led to a closing by Arrow at 5:50pm PT.

These shows are set to return this October 9, starting with Supergirl at 8pm, Monday. Tuesday will be the premiere of Season 4 for The Flash 8pm and will be followed by DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s third season, 9pm. Finally, Arrow has been moved in a new night. Season 6 will premiere on Thursday, 9pm.

On the other hand, Black Lightning will premiere on 2018 in The CW.

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