Deathstroke is Back in Arrow Season 6!

by Reigh Carlo
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Last Saturday during SDCC 2017, the final panel for Warner Bros. Television was reserved for the old one in the business, none other than Arrow. With season six on the way, we are already pumped on what will transpire in Star City and to Team Arrow. For five seasons, the series showed how Oliver evolved from being a spoiled brat to the gritty, brutal vigilante known as The Hood through the flashbacks. And now that the flashbacks are (mostly) over, the question is, what are we going to expect for next season?

In the panel for Arrow, executive producer Marc Guggenheim answered that question.

“We’ll still have the flashbacks, but not in every episode and not just for Oliver.”

Also, for this season, we can expect Manu Bennett to be back as Deathstroke says Guggenheim.

Manu Bennett is back, “and one of the stories I’m most looking forward to is a two-parter where we will flashback to Slade’s past.”

And now with the confirmation that Slade survived the explosion in Lian Yu, we are glad that Manu Bennett is back on the show. Also, we can be expecting for this season a showdown between Katie Cassidy’s Black Siren and Juliana Harkavy’s Black Canary. We can also expect that Oliver may have his hands full this coming season given that he’s still Mayor of Star City and he’ll be cleaning the mess Prometheus left, while also being a full time single father to William, and dealing with a new mysterious character that will be played by Michael Emerson.

To top it all off, Vigilante will also be appearing again for season six and his identity will be revealed. Guggenheim promised that fans won’t expect who it is but it will be someone who is familiar to everyone.

Season 6 of Arrow will premiere on a new night, Thursdays at 9pm ET starting October 12th.

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