[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Ethan Van Sciver

Colorist: Jason Wright



As one might expect, after last issue’s events, the Green Lantern Corps and Sinestro Corps have their showdown.  The events of the actual battle are not so important, because there’s really no battle.  Instead, Hal has to protect Tomar-Tu from an angry Sinestro Corps who want to kill him – a life for a life.  About this time, Guy carries an unconscious Kyle forward, who is still in civilian attire, but branded with a Sinestro Corps symbol on his chest.

Arkillo steps in as he believes someone from the Sinestro Corps has stepped over the line with this attack on Kyle.  It is then that Soranik steps forward claiming responsibility and she breaks the alliance with the Green Lantern Corps.  She believes in the GLC’s mission but not their ability to  succeed with their methods.  She doesn’t believe that John’s been honest and she sees Kyle as a hypocrite as she reveals that there was another of Sinestro’s line that was killed, while not disclosing who it was or that it was her son with Kyle from the future.  As she confronts John face to face, he gives her one last chance to step back (he’s already given her two).  Soranik raises her fist to strike and John initiates the Katma Override and suddenly, the Sinestro rings don’t work against anything green.  When rebuilding the Sinestro Corps main power battery, John included a “green impurity” as a fail safe he could initiate if necessary.

Soranik gathers her Corps members and she leaves.  A handful of them stay to become Green Lanterns.   Tomar-Tu is sent to prison, but he is allowed to will his ring to Xudar to find a replacement.  And as John is prepared to celebrate his win, the issue ends with a scene on Qward.  Lyssa Drak holds the badly burnt body of Sinestro and his ring comes to life!


Tomar-Tu’s ring chooses a character we saw back in issue #13, Somar-Le.  This is a nice connection between seemingly disconnected issues.  It also gives closure for Tomar-Tu’s legacy.  Arkillo and Guy’s unwillingness to raise arms against each other is particularly interesting as it shows how similar they are despite their allegiances.  It gives a little hope that the truce may not be over forever between the the two Corps.  The Katma fail safe is an inventive out for John.  It ends the conflict with a whimper instead of a long drawn out fight between the two Corps which would’ve been tiresome before it started.



The biggest disappointment is the termination of the alliance between the Sinestro Corps and the Green Lantern Corps.  Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps very interestingly built up this merger with the hope that they would be able to remain together as a powerful force for good in the universe.  While it certainly seemed too good to be true, it was a real change in status quo for the Green Lantern mythos.  One of the things that has been so interesting in the Superman books of late has been Lex Luthor’s run as an ally of the Man of Steel.  This is a major status quo change that provides different challenges for Superman.  This could’ve provided similar challenges for the GLC.  Additionally, Superman’s personal status quo has changed with both marriage and parenthood being part of continuity.  These types of status quo changes provide real growth for characters, so seeing Soranik turn away from the GLC feels like the character is regressing solely for the sake of keeping the status quo the same.  Plus, with the apparent return of Sinestro, it seems like it would’ve been a more significant confrontation for Sinestro to face the GLC with his Corps allied with them.


Despite the Sinestro Corps breaking the alliance with the Green Lantern Corps, this is a solid issue.  The unconventional resolution is welcome and there are some nice character moments.  Things aren’t done for good between the Corps though, as Sinestro himself will soon be back.

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