Batman Officially Labeled As A (SPOILERS)!!

by Shean Mohammed
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Batman has been one of the most iconic characters of all time, not only at DC Comics, but popular culture as well. Throughout the years, the Dark Knight has taken many lumps and changes from being killed, to multiple Robins either getting killed or going rogue, but much has not changed in his origin or in this case, his genetic makeup until now. Mathew Mueller at broke the news as Suicide Squad #22 hit the stands, that Batman is now considered to be a metahuman (although he has been considered one other time to be, during the Chuck Dixon Era):

“Batman has long been the non-superpowered member of the Justice League, though to be fair it hasn’t exactly held him back. While he has yet to manifest any actual powers, according to Amanda Waller, the Dark Knight is not a normal human. Towards the end of this week’s issue, she instructs the remnants of her team (Digger Harkness notwithstanding, long story) to retrieve two metahumans, which include Killer Frost and…Batman.

The reasoning for it has been teased by DC in Dark Days. In that series, it is revealed that Batman had contact with Nth metal in an unexpected way when he was healed by the metal dionesium. Since it contains Nth metal properties, Batman was essentially restored to peak condition.

The Joker also revealed that Nth Metal can have unexpected effects once introduced into the bloodstream, turning normal beings into metas. While thus far it only seems to have healed him and nothing more, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t given him other abilities. Even if not, he is now still considered a metahuman, and odds are that will start showing up more and more in DC’s upcoming Metal event.”

This is definitely a game changer, as the Metal storyline, has a lot of big changes in store for the pantheon of superheroes at DC, but time will only tell what powers, if any, Batman will have in the upcoming epic event.


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