SDCC Wrap Up: DC Collectibles’ New Gotham City Garage Statues and Comics

Continuing with DC Comic News’ Comic Con coverage from this past week, I had the opportunity to attend the DC Collectibles panel early Thursday morning where one of the highlights there was the announcement of new Gotham City Garage statues as well as an upcoming comic book based on these characters and their love of these vehicles.

The major announcement regarding statues revolved around the addition of a Supergirl and Batgirl statue which you can see right here:

Executive Director of DC Collectibles Jim Fletcher was on hand to talk about these new statues and revealed that they’re trying out something new with regards to Supergirl and her lack of a motorcycle. The move, according to Mr. Fletcher, is to try to keep costs down for these statues. He admits that it’s a different strategy being used from the other statues but they are curious to see how collectors will react to the final product which they are confident will do well.

Fletcher also teased the fact that a comic book based on this version of these characters is in development but would not divulge any further details or who is attached to work on the book at this time.

Also on the panel, tattoo artist Katherine Brannock revealed some of her thought process when working on these charactesr and developing unique tattoos for each one. All the characters in the series so far have tattoos that were designed by Brannock and she revealed that she treats every character like a real life client.

Based on what she can decipher about their personality, Brannock will create an original tattoo image that best exemplifies that particular character’s taste and style. For example, during the panel, Brannock theorized that if she ever worked on a Poison Ivy tattoo, it would have to be very ‘flowery and organic’ as opposed to a Nightwing tattoo that would be more ‘rigid and symmetrical’.

Here’s some images of the other statues in the line in case you missed them. They include Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman:


Supergirl statue available June 2018. Batgirl available September 2018. All others available now.

Joseph Marcas

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