Diggle Physically and Mentally Broken on Arrow Season 6

Fan-favourite character Diggle is set to survive the Lian Yu explosion, but the returning Diggle will have undergone some serious changes that will progress in magnitude throughout the sixth season.

Diggle is played by David Ramsey who spoke about what the character will face at San Diego Comic Con 2017:

“We have to break Diggle. I think season 6 we’ll see Diggle get broken in a way he hasn’t been broken before.”

Followed by expressing how the explosion:

“profoundly affects Diggle, emotionally and physically.”

Diggle’s new beginning will see the further establishment of conflicted loyalties held to his wife Lyla and his team, as working for A.R.G.U.S, his wife’s job is to hunt Metahumans.

Diggle’s place in the world was also discussed by Ramsey, who described the character as

“A nuts and bolts guy”

Ramsey stated that Diggle must learn to defend the planet

“in a world where people can move faster than light.”

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Ross Collie

Ross is 18 years old from Dublin, Ireland. Ross grew up surrounded by his father's Batman collection and fell in love with the DC characters he was exposed to in the various Batman and Justice League animated shows throughout the years. Now in his early adulthood, Ross has a passion for writing various types of literature, for comic book reading and for collecting Batman merchandise.