Closer Look At Steppenwolf From ‘Justice League’

by Joshua Raynor
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DC’s highly anticipated team-up film, Justice League, is right around the corner, and with the reveal that Steppenwolf would be the main villain, fans have been clamoring for a closer look at what this baddie will look like.  And now we have it.

We know that esteemed Irish actor Ciaran Hinds will play Steppenwolf, and the trailers for the film have at least given us a taste of his performance, but the villainous wannabe world conqueror and uncle to villain Darkseid is still a wildcard.

Having previously being obscured or enhanced by CGI effects in the other trailers, we’ve now gotten a good look at the alien face that will be threatening the Justice League come November care of tie-in merchandise. A latex mask of Steppenwolf’s head has turned up on Reddit.

We’ve seen Steppenwolf’s craggily and menacing face thanks to other toys and images before the leak of this image, but this provides considerably more detail. While it’s part of a costume and so there will be some practical license in the recreation, it seems to be pretty faithful to all movie versions seen so far.

There’s a risk the character will be underdeveloped, especially since most of the heroes in the film are also making their first extended appearances as well, but we can definitely hope that Steppenwolf lives up to the intimidating design when he takes on the Justice League in November.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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