Gordon is preparing for the hunt on Season 4 of GOTHAM

by JC Alvarez
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The streets of GOTHAM are about to get a whole lot more grim and it’ll be up to James Gordon to lead the hunt for a shadowy vigilante that is prepared to his vengeance on the city’s underworld!

Soon the new television season will be upon us and primetime will once again run rampant with the adversaries of both Central and Star City taking on all new challenges, National City’s champion facing all new isolation and the Waverider tracking its legends through time and space, but back here on Earth, in the depths of another sprawling modern metropolitan city, all eyes will be awaiting the next steps Jim Gordon will be taking to save Gotham!

At the end of Season 3, the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) declared himself the king of the underworld — ushering in a new reign of terror upon the city’s denizens — and GCPD’s James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) found himself up against a hard place! Just as the Penguin prepared to enforce his law upon the land, Gordon found himself facing a new danger — the arrival of a darkly shadowed vigilante!

Now Gordon has got his hands full! If he can’t stop the Penguin, how will he keep this law-breaker from taking the matter into his own hands? Gordon has after all made a promise to young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) that he would endeavor to protect the city, at all cost, and that’s one promise he intends to keep. The new season of Gotham will have Jim moving into a new phase of his life and career in this lawless realm.

Gordon will be taking the battle to Penguin in the first arc of the season, and then he’ll be working overtime to bring this dark knight vigilante to justice. How will it all unfold? It remains to be seen, but audiences will be tuning in when the new season of Gotham returns in September on FOX.

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