Superman’s Black Suit is Featured in Warner Bros. Studios Tour Guide

by Reigh Carlo
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Last year, ever since Superman sacrificed himself to kill Doomsday in Batman v Superman, a ton of fans are wondering, while some are losing hope, if the Man of Steel will ever join the League and will he ever be able to wear his iconic black suit? Well, I guess Warner Bros. may have just confirmed it.

Recently, Joel Matheson attended the Warner Bros. Los Angeles Studio Tour and for fans who would attend the tour, they can pick up an official LA Studios Tours guide as a memento. The guide discusses the studios’ past and current project, including the anticipated Justice League film.

In the guide, it shows the current Superman Henry Cavill in his regular Superman costume but what may catch your eye is on the opposite page. In there, right next to him is a full shot of his costume, but in all black with silver highlights, including a silver S symbol on the chest.

This is an obvious reference to Superman’s suit when he was resurrected after he battled Doomsday to the death. Now underneath the suit, it has a caption that refers to the many forms the character had through the years and the black suit is what this modern era would be.

Also, there may be a chance that the suit Superman will wear is the one we saw in his skull nightmare sequence where he was talking to Zod in Man of Steel. If that’s the case, then they could very well reuse it in Justice League.

With Superman absent in most of Warner Bros’ promotional trailers and only appeared in a couple of posters with his red and blue suit, many are anticipating on the return of the Man of Tomorrow. Also, there’ve been some theories circulating throughout the web wherein Superman would be resurrected but will be in berserk mode and would be more aggressive which will result in the League having to fight and defeat him before he could join the team.

With all this information flooding before the premiere, we can’t wait and see Superman with the other Leaguers come together and defend earth from the forces of Steppenwolf. Justice League will premiere this November 17, in theaters worldwide.

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