Jason Mewes Talks About His Role In ‘The Flash’

by Reigh Carlo
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Throughout the course of the series, The Flash had some pretty high profile guest stars in their show, but when Kevin Smith came into the show to direct the first of several episodes (seasons 2 and 3), he brought alongside with him a very close friend and it is none other than the other half of Jay and Silent Bob, Jason Mewes.

For hardcore fans of the show, Mewes was seen on the second season of The Flash where Kevin Smith directed an episode entitled “The Runaway Dinosaur” (S2E21). Mewes’ role in the episode is credited as “Humvee Guy”, who you see with a woman, bragging about his vehicle right before it gets destroyed.  Check below for the full story.

“Just being on the set was awesome, because I watch the show. And it’s funny, because I was telling Kevin over and over again, I was like ‘You gotta check out the show, it’s awesome,” Mewes explained. “Because first it was ‘Arrow’ and I was watching ‘Arrow’ and I kept trying to get Kevin to watch ‘Arrow’ … I would be like, ‘Kev check out this Arrow show, so and so is in it – Deathstroke or whoever. Then I was telling him about ‘The Flash’ and then I showed him King Shark – like a clip – and he went back and watched it and loved it and then he got offered to direct ‘The Flash.’

So when he got the offer to go and he was out there shooting and just wanted to come out and hang out with him and check out the sets…. They asked Kevin like ‘Hey I know this is weird… but this next part coming up, Kevin, we wrote this for your friend… We just figured he’d be up here with you so we wrote a part for Jason, do you think he’ll do it?’ and Kevin was like, ‘I don’t even have to ask him.’ And then Kevin came into the trailer and told me.

It was awesome, it was really surreal because I only planned on going up there and running around the set and being a fanboy, and take pictures, and hang out in ‘Jitters’ and have fake coffee – and I got to be in the episode as Jason. That was the character’s name: Jason. It wasn’t Jay! So that was pretty cool.”

But that wasn’t his only role, as he was also a masked villain among the group, as Kevin Smith has confirmed in various podcasts.

When The Flash returns for its fourth season, we will see Team Flash trying to protect Central City while they figure out on how to free him from the Speed Force. Along the way we will get to see a new evil that will rise in town known as The Thinker and with Kevin Smith already on the line up for directors, we can’t wait and see if Jason Mewes will return as well.

The Flash  will return this fall on The CW on Tuesday, October 10th.

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