Blogger Hosts Images of Animation Cells from 1960’s Batman TV Intro

by Joseph Marcas
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For some of the older readers of our site, our first exposure to the DC universe may have been the original Batman television show. For those of us that do remember, one of the most iconic moments from that television show is the intro to the show and now fans can get a behind the scenes look at that piece of history through animation cells.

The intro itself featured still images that would sometimes move around like what you would expect from a motion comic. Over these images the iconic intro song by Neal Hefti would be playing as Batman and Robin would run toward the camera, ride around in the Batmobile, and throw all manner of villains across the room.

Recently blogger Al Bigley recently posted on his blog a collection of animation cells and artwork from the intros’ creator, Lee Mishkin. You can see original pencils and cells along with an inside look at how the work develop throughout its inception. I could continue to go on and on about how cool these pieces of history are but it’s much better to visit the site for yourself by clicking here.

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