Review: Green Lanterns #31

Review: Green Lanterns #31

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artists: Ronan Cliquet, Hi-Fi

Covers: Brad Walker, Drew Hennessy, Jason Wright, Brandon Peterson



The epic conclusion and showdown between Volthoom and the Lanterns.

Review: Green Lanterns #31


I can’t really say enough good things about this issue. It was simply a perfect ending to the story arc, and with somewhat of a happy ending. I know I mention this every review, but Humphries just does such a great job displaying such amazing chemistry between Jessica and Simon. If they weren’t such great partners and friends, I’d swear they were romantically involved. They’re just that sweet together.

Humphries also does a really great job writing for Volthoom in this issue. As someone who never really cared for him before, I genuinely felt for him in this issue, something that is not so easy to do. I really didn’t like him much before today, but after this issue, all that has changed.

The action was decent in this issue, but it was Jessica’s sincerity and empathy that was the true star of this issue. This has been her story arc from the beginning. Since the first issue of this arc she has taken charge of the original 7 and led the team against Volthoom. She really grew up as a hero in these past few issues.

The art is this issue was decent, but nothing spectacular. No page really stood out, but it was consistent throughout with very few flaws.

Review: Green Lanterns #31


No real negatives to mention.

Review: Green Lanterns #31


An amazing finale to a mostly fantastic story arc.

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