Review: Mother Panic #11

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Jody Houser

Artist: Shawn Crystal

Colors: Jean-Francois Beaulieu



Violet has just pulled Lucy out of the bedroom she shares with Wilson.  They are on the balcony and Lucy brings up the past.  We learn that while in Gather house that Lucy had fallen in love with Violet and apparently, vice versa.  And that Violet helped Lucy escape before Violet burned it to the ground. Violet is distrustful of Lucy and questions her every word and though she is clearly moved by what’s transpiring, she seems to know to be wary of it.

Back at Violet’s house, one of Dr. Varna’s interns comes to talk to Otis and is concerned that Violet’s mother may be exhibiting metahuman capabilities in the realm of the mind.

When Lucy goes back inside, Wilson catches her and is suspicious of where’s she’s been.  Meanwhile, Violet has gone to a bar with her date from earlier in the evening.  Shortly, Lucy shows up and begins speaking with Violet, professing to want to leave Wilson, if Violet will help her.  It’s not a few more seconds before Violet realizes she’s been drugged with something in her drinks.

When Violet comes to, she’s in the studio of Gala, who appears to be a homicidal artist.  Wilson is also secured and Lucy is there watching, under Gala’s arm.


More insight into Violet’s past is always welcome, as it continues to build Violet’s character slowly.

The Gothic manor look of Wilson’s house is executed flawlessly by Shawn Crystal as it really sets the tone for the issue and the menacing quality of Wilson’s personality.

This issue seems to be pushing Violet further and further against a wall from which she may not be able to escape.  It’s a different approach.  While she may be challenged by creeps in her present, it’s really the ghosts in her past that are manifesting that are making things difficult for her.  This makes this title a really psychological workout.  How much more can Violet take?


Lucy’s apparent betrayal isn’t surprising, Violet just can’t catch a break.  The pacing of this issue felt a little strange and perhaps it’s the middle section of the story arc that’s a little off kilter.  It may be due to to lack of clarity of Gala’s role in the bigger picture.


While Violet has always had to face the demons of her past, now that they are coming back into her life in material form it creates a different kind of challenge.  Before, it seemed that her confrontations were mostly physical, now if she’s able to escape Gala she has to deal with the mental and emotional trauma of Lucy’s betrayal.  While this was a bit of a slower and emotional issue, it introduced a most difficult challenge for Violet.


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