Review: Justice League of America #15

by Steven Brown
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[ Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Steve Orlando

Pencils: Felipe Wantanabe



The Justice League of America have finally found Ray Palmer also known as The Atom! After searching the microverse for the hero, the team joins with a microverse scientist named Aron Aut who worked with Ray in the microverse, however it seems that Aron’s intentions are not what they seem.


We finally have Ray Palmer back! I’ve been a fan of The Atom for a long time, and I always enjoy any story that usually involves him. Orlando gave us an entire issue of Ray Palmer here and I enjoyed it. Here we see Ray’s finding of the microverse and how he first met Aron Aut. Each page takes them from world to world searching for the cause of the destruction. Orlando leaves us on a colossal cliffhanger as Aron and Ray are stuck in a universal storm.


My only complaint about this issue is that when it first starts, Ray encounters the Justice League of America who also has Aron with them. Ray seems shocked and informs Ryan that bringing Aron might just have doomed them all. The only problem with that is we never see the reasons behind Ray’s statement in the entire issue! Throughout the book as Ray and Aron travel from world to world, the two actually seemed to work together quite well. My guess is that Orlando is building this all up to be revealed in the next issue and I hope I’m right.


I must say that I’ve enjoyed the entire Justice League of America series so far and this book is no different. Although the team as a whole isn’t around for this issue, it was great seeing Palmer back in action. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing Palmer and Batman working together again myself–make it happen Orlando! The artwork by Felipe Wantanabe gives more justice to the book as well. Felipe’s art brings life to each page and every emotion on each character’s face. I look forward to seeing more of his work as this series goes on.


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