ARROW Strikes a Pose on the Season 6 Poster!

by JC Alvarez
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Oliver Queen is taking the Green Arrow to new heights of adventure as is evident in the characters “ready for action” stance on the just released Season 6 poster art!

At the conclusion of last season Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) had vanquished his enemy and rescued his son, but at what cost? As Season 6 of Arrow prepares to launch this fall, our hero must face the consequences of that action will literally — the opening episode is entitled “Fallout” and is written by Mark Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle; both serve as the series’ show-runners and it will no doubt answer fans’ questions as to who among Team Arrow survived the island explosion!

Moving into its sixth turn, the still-highly rated CW series that launched a television franchise and solidified the network’s primetime domination with its adaptations of DC Comics properties including the Emerald Archer, Green Arrow on who the series is based, the rumor mill has been stirring that this may be the final season for Arrow. A look at the latest poster art promoting Season 6 gives no indication that the hero is in any way ready to hang up his hood. In fact the tag line reads: “Live to fight another day.”

The new season of Arrow premieres on The CW on its new night Thursday, Oct 12 @ 9/8c.

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