Baltimore Comic Con 2017: Day 2, Cosplay and Panels

by Thomas ODonnell
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Day 2 of Baltimore Comic Con was going to be a long one!

Saturday also happened to be “Batman Day” and stars from the FOX TV show Gotham were on hand to celebrate with fans! David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) and Sean Pertwee (Alfred Pennyworth) signed autographs and took pictures with fans, as well as participated in a Q&A panel later in the day!

With a few hours to kill, I walked the con floor browsing the seemingly endless rows of vendors. Their was a great mix of comics, magazines, graphic novels, action figures, vintage video games, high end collectibles, original art, t-shirts, Toon Tumblers, Pop Vinyls, arts and crafts, and if you ever wanted to have a figurine of yourself, well you could get that done too!

The first panel I took in, “Story Structure” featured an all-star line-up. Join James Tynion IV, Marv Wolfman, Louise Simonson, Robert Greenberger, Eliott S. Maggin, and Mark Waid as they talk shop!

I stuck around to see the next panel,”DC Comics: My Secret Origin: How I Broke Into Comics” featuring Justin Jordan, Alisa Kwitney, Dan DiDio, and a lucky fan!

Break time!

I walked the lobby area getting pics of all the great cosplayers that were in attendance!

Next up the “Baltimore Celebrates Batman Day” panel with John Timms, Peter J. Tomasi, James Tynion IV, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Amanda Conner.

Back to the con floor to pick up some Baltimore Exclusive Harley Quinn Toon Tumblers before I head out.

After a quick change of clothes I was on my way to attend the very first annual Ringo Awards!

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