Batman Will Be More ‘Humanized’ in Justice League

by Joseph Marcas
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With a little over a month to go before the world premiere of Justice League, Ben Affleck, who plays Batman in the film, offered some insight into the changes the character will undergo that will show his reliance on his fellow JL members. For those that have never really dived into the Batman comics and only know the character on a superficial level, Justice League will offer an opportunity for Batman to be shown in a more unique role as he teams up with the other iconic heroes.

In an interview with Geek Magazine, Affleck mentioned how things will look different with Batman as he decides to team up with the other members of the Justice League in order to combat the threat of the film’s villain Steppenwolf.

“Justice League is a big change tonally because you now have the personalities of all these different characters coming together. It gives you a chance to infuse a lot of humor into the scenes.”

A large part of that humor is the fact that the other heroes crack jokes and genuinely seem to enjoy each other’s company while Batman seems to be left out of the party all the time (The Lego Batman Movie did this really well). Most people know that Batman patrols the city of Gotham on his own for the most part and have never really seen him team up with other members of the Bat-Family let alone the members of the Justice League.

If you are familiar with some of the cartoon series such as Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited, you have seen Batman team up with others but never on the big screen like this. In those cartoons, the ever stoic Batman has to deal with the different personalities on the team such as Flash’s humor or Superman’s larger than life persona.

Similar to the comics and animated stories, Affleck mentioned how this dynamic will be featured in the movie. This is what he said:

“For Bruce, he’s having to open up and play well with other because he knows he needs them. So while he doesn’t lose sight of how serious the threat is, he’s humanized by the Flash’s earnestness, Diana’s warmth, even Aquaman’s needling.”

The fact that Batman needs help really humanizes him in a way that most movie going audiences haven’t seen in the Dark Knight. These statements from Affleck really help to drive the idea home that Batman isn’t invincible (although sometimes he looks that way when fighting run-of-the-mill criminals) and that he needs partners (maybe even friends) to fight these world threatening villains like Steppenwolf and Darkseid.

We can’t wait to see this side of Batman. Here’s the trailer for the movie if you haven’t seen it and if you have watch it again.

Is it November 17th yet?

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