Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 To Include Posthumous Len Wein Story

by Brad Filicky
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We recently lost a comic book legend when Len Wein passed away earlier this year. The Swamp Thing co-creator’s work will live on forever, and thanks to Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 we can get a glimpse of what he was working on when he died.

Before his untimely passing, Wein had completed a script for the first issue of a new Swamp Thing series. This story (and original script) will be incuded in the issue. Kelly Jones does the art and has this to say about the story:

“[Wein’s] major plan was pretty much a straight horror title. He kept stressing that angle to me — that bringing up a lot of those DC horror characters was what would make the book more unique,”

Writer Tom King also contributes a 40 page story for the comic which will be released Jan 31.

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