Review: Batgirl #16

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Hope Larson

Artists: Chris Wildgoose, Jose Marzan Jr., Andy Owens & Mat Lopes



Batgirl and Nightwing continue their investigation into the Red Queen while remembering their investigation into Ainsley years prior.



The cover by Dan Mora is really cool. I love how the Red Queen looks looming in the background; the colors are gorgeous.

The interior art features pencils by Chris Wildgoose, inks by Jose Marzan and Andy Owens and colors by Mat Lopes. I like the art a lot. There are some cool panel layouts that, when combined with the backgrounds, create a nice sense of movement during the action scenes. It’s a cool style. The characters look good and, usually, there is a nice distinction between the past and the present.

I love the use of technology in this story. The idea of using nanobots as a drug is hilarious to me. It also allows Barbara’s intelligence to factor in solving the problem and that’s always fun.

I love the twist of who the Red Queen is. I genuinely didn’t see it coming but it doesn’t come out of nowhere. The information revealed makes the story a lot more interesting.



There’s a panel that takes place in the present but Dick is drawn more like his teenage self. It’s not a big deal but it confused me for a second.



This is a great issue. The story takes an interesting turn and I like the situation it puts Batgirl and Nightwing in. The art is great throughout the book with a fun and engaging style. I highly recommend reading this issue.



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