Deathstroke Solo Film in the Works

by Cameron Tevis
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For a long while now fans have been experiencing the roller coaster ride of emotions that comes with being a DC fan. The ever-changing plans of Warner Bros. to put out more and more comic book related movies has definitely put our loyalties to the test.

With the Justice League set to be released in less than a month some of us are so used to the other shoe dropping that we are at the edge of our seats wondering what bad news will overshadow that. Will it be that WB butchered Justice League like they did Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or will it be something else? Well, I’m happy to report, it seems like it’s just going to be more good news.

The moment many of us heard that Deathstroke was set to appear in the upcoming Batman solo film, fans were thrilled at the very thought of, not only Deathstroke making his first theatrical appearance, but that he would actually battle Batman. We would finally see the planet’s two best fighters going
toe-to-toe in combat. How exciting!

Deathstroke - DC Comics News

Of course, this came with the regular bad news follow up that the entire concept for the film was changed and Deathstroke might not appear in it at all because Warner Bros. was going a different route… again. But news has surfaced that, if it comes to fruition, it might actually be for the best.

It has been confirmed that “The Raid” director Gareth Evans is in talks to direct a Deathstroke solo film starring Joe Manganiello. Many action film fans consider “The Raid” to be the best action film of all time. The fight sequences and violence in the film are unparalleled, so the idea of Evans directing a film about Deathstroke, a genetically engineered super-soldier gone assassin is definitely intriguing and has many great possibilities.

Joe Manganiello - DC Comics News

As always, some will probably keep their hope or anticipation levels down expecting to be disappointed at some point again, but I for one, think Geoff Johns’ promotion and the Wonder Woman film were the turning point we have all been waiting for. I think we can expect great things from future DC releases. Let’s just hope Deathstroke and Batman cross paths at some point in the future.

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