Review: Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #2

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Amanda Conner

Artists: Laura Braga


It’s her (father’s) party and she’ll cry if she wants to, because Veronica and Betty’s killer costume idea was stolen by two crashers from Gotham City! Of course, she can’t know that she’s facing off with the real Poison Ivy, or that Betty’s about to get bopped by Harley Quinn herself. Whoops!


The art in this book is the most alluring part of the whole thing, as Braga is a genius at work. She draws both DC and Archie characters in probably the most gorgeous style that any of them have been drawn. Conner definitely delivers in this book as she articulates a cat and mouse tale between the two pairs, giving equal time to both sets. Conner and Braga do a great job of intermingling both universes between Josie and The Pussycats as well as Zatanna, and it is pretty meta that Betty and Veronica are cosplaying as Harley and Ivy. Lastly, the story is well told as it could be your run of the mill team up book, but instead is a great melodrama.



I wished the book was not a miniseries, but an ongoing as there could be more than a few stories that could be told from this shared universe.


This story is fun, easy to read, and very well drawn. It’s probably one of the best books DC has done this year.



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