Gotham Episode 4.08 Will Feature The Sirens Working For Penguin

Are you caught up on Gotham? If not, you can always catch up on the show through Netflix or other streaming services (spoilers: It’s a lot of fun to watch). In the meantime, you can always catch the latest episode of Gotham on Fox to get a taste for the show and this upcoming week, the episode will feature the Sirens!

In this version of Gotham City, the Sirens consists of Selina Kyle, Tabitha Galavan, and Barbara Gordon. So far, the show has featured these characters very prominently in its stories and have become somewhat of fan favorites. You have these three ladies tearing up Gotham City and making everyone second guess their next move.

In a new promo just released before the November 9th air date, the new episode of Gotham will have the Sirens together again as they look to take over the city. You can see the preview down below:

Gotham airs on Thursdays on Fox

Joseph Marcas

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