This Season’s DCTV Crossover Event is in “CRISIS”

by JC Alvarez
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The CW DCTV crossover event will once again bring together all of the network’s primetime heavy hitters as they face a “Crisis” level threat!

It’s become one of the most anticipated primetime spectacles of the television season! Ever since the “Brave and the Bold” pairing of Arrow and The Flash brought together those series’ title characters for a two-night, two-part stunt, DCTV fans have only had their greatest wishes come true as new heroes made their way into primetime. With The CW’s primetime line-up dominated by now four hit DC Comics appropriated brands, the crossover event has expanded to reflect the growing universe of heroes!

Last season when Supergirl moved to The CW and took over the Monday night, 8pm EST slot, it opened the way for an epic four-night event, an alien “Invasion!” that matched the might of both the Flash and Green Arrow’s team who summoned the help of the time-traveling DC’s Legends of Tomorrow for a no holds barred melee against the crafty alien Dominators! This year the stakes have been raised and the crisis extends to the multiverse — literally — in “Crisis on Earth X!” when the teams face-off against their alternate-Earth evil counterparts!

With the exception of a few on-set photos that have been leaked and the teaser trailer that was just released, very little is known at the moment of the four-hour event, which is so huge Arrow will be moving over to Monday @ 9pm to follow Supergirl for the two-night event which will air on November 27th and 28th. Legendary DC Comics artist Phil Jimenez was commissioned to create the unique promotional poster art which mimics the look of a classic DC Comics crossover magazine featuring all the main players along the border of the main image.

What has been notable revealed is that the crossover brings together all the stars of The CW DCTV universe to attend the long-awaited nuptials of Iris West (Candide Patton) and Barry Allen (Grant Allen) when the villains of an alternative Earth-X crash the wedding. The event will mark the introduction of The Ray (played by Ray Terrill) who is a freedom fighter from Earth-X who is battling Nazi doppelgängers that include versions of Supergirl, Green Arrow and Flash! The Ray will also be headlining the upcoming corresponding animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray.

Arrow’s own Stephen Amell has been heavily promoting this season’s crossover as a “four-hour movie” and with the blockbuster theatrical release of Justice League also making news this month, the DC Entertainment universe is about to blow-up big! For audiences tuning into the crossover promo seeing Oliver Queen back in the suit after passing the mantle to Spartan (David Ramsey) in the recent opening arc of the new season, they’ll also get an eyeful of additional Team Arrow members joining the fray, interestingly enough Spartan is missing from the Jimenez art.

With this many heroes coming together in primetime and on the big screen, 2017 is certainly “Stronger Together” with the “Crisis on Earth-X” two-night, four-hour event perhaps laying down the ground work for an eventual “Crisis” of an infinite magnitude!

The “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover event starts November 27th on The CW with Supergirl and Arrow kicking things off and the adventure continuing on November 28th on The Flash and climaxing on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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