Review: Bombshells United #6

by Shean Mohammed
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Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artists: Sandy Jarrell and Kelly Fitzpatrick


It’s the climactic conclusion to ‘American Soil.’ Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark are left to defend their hometown from persecution. In the shadow of their foes, and with their friends at their backs, we have the rise of the Wonder Girls!


In this issue, the readers get to see a new team of artists take over the book, and just as the past two teams have brought something new to this book, this team brings a mix of inspired aesthetics as well as their own cultivated styles to the book. The reader also gets treated to seeing all the characters in different settings, as I loved reading all the different themes apropos to the time frame. The world at the time also was not obsessed with WWII, as escape from the troubles of the world is paramount, and this issue shows how our heroes blow off steam. One such character is the Black Canary, who lets loose with her band, a carryover from her last solo series run. Another great twist in this book is the almost all female Suicide Squad, plus Clayface, as the sole male team member, coming of like a noir crime gang.


The only negative I have with this issue is the pacing, as it often gets off track, but makes up for it in substance and style.




Buy as this new team of artists plus Bennett’s story produces a book which feels like  L.A. Confidential  meets Detective Comics .


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