Review: New Talent Showcase 2017 – Katana: To The Hilt

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Aaron Gillespie

Artists: Lynne Yoshii and Beth Sotelo



The latest graduates from the DC Talent Development Workshops show off their skills in stories starring some of DC’s greatest characters. In this particular tale, Katana gets herself in a skirmish with King Snake, losing her sword in the midst of the fight. The reader gets a different view of this seemingly subdued stoic character, who most would know from her appearance in the Suicide Squad comics. We also get a front row seat to just how close a relationship she has to her sword!


In this story, Katana, comes out as more the leader of the Suicide Squad, more extroverted than she is normally portrayed, which is a nice change of pace for this character, who normally is a supporting character. Another excellent point about this story, is the back and forth banter between Katana and King Snake, as Gillespie shows he is adept at writing great dialogue.

What I most love about this story, though, is that we as readers gets to see the connection she has with her sword, through her dead husband, which gives it the right amount of levity and melancholy that the story most needs. Lastly, the most striking thing about this story is Yoshii’s and Sotelo’s artwork, as it calls to the reader like a siren. Their work soars and I am looking forward to seeing more of them in the future.



The only negative I have is, why is there not a solo Katana series?



Buy, as the synergy this creative team creates sparks off the paper, and definitely deserves a run at their own series.


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