Justice League’s Original Zeus And Ares Art Revealed

by Brad Filicky
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We didn’t get to see a lot of Zeus and Ares in Justice League, but thanks to the new book,  Justice League: The Art of The Film, we can see concept art for the characters. This art gives a lot more to ponder than the brief glimpses we got in the film. As Screenrant said:

“A mixture of classical and primitive, human and divine, and like all things Zack Snyder, shamelessly ‘cool,’ these concepts are something every DC fan needs to see. Forget the comic book mythology, or even classical Greek Mythology: Justice League‘s initial vision of Zeus, The King of The Gods is sure to be the favorite of plenty who see it.”

As you can see, both Zeus and Ares were younger and give more an aura of power then the versions we got to see. Versions much more akin to classical paintings and representations in popular culture. It also makes them look closer to the designs of Jack Kirby’s New Gods, giving them a look and a feel closer to DC’s mythology than Greek. How are the Old Gods of Greek mythology related to the New Gods of the DCEU? More importantly, what role does Darkseid play in this conflict? How is he related to Zeus? Is Zeus actually Highfather? We can hopefully learn more in the upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League movies. In the meantime, Justice League: The Art of The Film is out now.



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