Review: Superwoman #16

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: K. Perkins

Artists: Art Thibert, Stephen Segovia, Ken Lashley, Renato Guedes



“THE MIDNIGHT HOUR” part three! An inextricable link between Superwoman and the villainous Midnight may be the only hope in stopping the destruction of Metropolis. Raging with the power to swallow cities or entire planets into the black hole inside her, Midnight looms for Superwoman. Can she make it to dawn?


The exchange between Superwoman and Superman, is interesting, as these are rarely seen together, even if it’s just a dream. Midnight is quite an adversary, as they possess many abilities that most of Lana’s foes don’t have. The art by the creative team, continues to make these characters look gorgeous, which, at times exceeds the story,


As beautiful as the art is and as good as the previous arc was written, the storytelling in this issue feels superficial. Another thing about this issue is that the dialogue is dry and the transitions between Lana dreaming and her fight with Midnight can be quite confusing. Perkins could stand to take a few lessons in dreamscaping from Neil Gaiman. It seems as though the creative team’s hearts were not in this issue. I am more hopeful for issue #17, as more than likely they can bounce back from this creative slump.



Borrow, as this issue, adds nothing significant to this arc.


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