Krypton Producer Has 7-8 Year Plan For Show

by Brad Filicky
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We don’t know much about SYFY’s Krypton other than it focus on the House of El decades before Kal-el is launched towards earth as the planet is destroyed. The family of El must redeem their name and DC fan fave Adam Strange will play a part through time travel. It seems like the minds behind the show find this fertile ground for storytelling. 7 or 8 years worth, in fact. Screenrant recently reported:

Speaking at the 2018 TCAs (via SYFY), folks behind the new series such as showrunner Cameron Welsh, executive producers Goyer and Geoff Johns, plus lead star Cuffe teased about what we can expect from Krypton. Apparently, the series already has “roughly a seven-to-eight-year plan.” “This is an untold story and time travel is involved. History could be changed and what happens in this story can be very different from the backstory people know,” Goyer added.

The show will not be bound to any existing continuity, including the DCEU, and may include a new version of Doomsday. Whether or not we see the full 7-8 year plan play out or not depends on how well the show is received. Krypton debuts March 21st, so we’ll see then!

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