New DC Trinity Statues from Sideshow Revealed

by Joshua Raynor
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Sideshow recently unveiled the first looks at their new Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Premium Format Figures, which are based on various comic incarnations of the characters.

The Wonder Woman figure shows Diana Prince in a fighting stance, with the lasso of truth over her head, and shield and sword strapped to her back.  It’s a fantastic looking piece with beautiful details and vibrant colors.

The Superman figure is also in a heroic pose, even as he holds the head of Brainiac in one of his hands.  As with the Wonder Woman statue, this one has some amazing details (particularly that Brainiac head) and gorgeous, popping colors.

And the Batman preview is much more ambiguous, just showing the hero’s chest emblem and utility belt.  If it’s anything like the other two, it’ll have some fantastic details, and from the looks of it in the picture, I think I’m right.

These are definitely pieces that every DC fan should pick up as they will look great with any collection.

The Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Premium Format Figures are not yet available for pre-order, although fans who want to do so can add their name to an e-mail notification list so that they will be the first to have their shot when the figure becomes available.

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