ARROW Ramps Up Its Arsenal with a visit from Colton Hayes

Though he’s kept a low profile and been away for some time, it looks like Roy Harper AKA Arsenal will be returning to Star City in just the knick of time. Colton Hayes the actor first introduced in Season One of Arrow as the Emerald Archer’s sidekick is appearing in production photographs teasing an upcoming new episode, and all across social media in candid behind-the-scenes along with the rest of the cast appearing on Instagram.

The last time that Hayes’ character Roy Harper appeared on the series was to share an intimate moment with Thea (Willa Holland) who had since replaced Roy as the newest archer in Star City assuming the secret identity “Speedy”. Thea herself only recently came out of a coma after Season Five’s explosion cliffhanger. Perhaps with Oliver (Stephen Amell) facing new enemies and his own secret again coming under scrutiny from outside forces, Roy could be his only hope!

Fans are anticipating that Harper will be suiting up and rejoining Team Arrow; the group has recently been shaken to its core and the Green Arrow’s allies have been spread thin. Arsenal could be the catalyst to help take down the merciless machinations of the mastermind Cayden Jaymes! There is also the possibility that Roy is back to reignite his love affair with Thea who has also given adventuring, and perhaps the pair will ride off into the sunset.

Whatever the reason Arrow fans couldn’t be happier than to have Colton Hayes back even if it is for only one episode or arc, Roy Harper’s Arsenal had been well established as a fan favorite had been missed. With everything Oliver has had to face this season as a single parent, battling an evil Earth-X doppelgängers and a dangerous vigilante running around in the shadows, Roy’s reemergence could signal a turn in the right direction.

Arrow airs Thursday nights at 9pm on The CW.

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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