SyFy’s KRYPTON Reveals Major Mythology Details

The upcoming SyFy Original Series KRYPTON will delve deep into the Man of Steel’s mythology and fans will recognize the landmark location of the series’ opening season!

The shroud of mystery surrounding the SyFy Network’s upcoming new Original Series Krypton is pulling back to reveal plot points and important locations that will play significant roles in the mythology behind Superman’s home planet. The new series will be unlike any of its contemporaries or even most of its predecessors that have pursued a narrative adapting the extensively dense backstory of DC Comic’s most iconic character.

Krypton explores the history of the world that launched the infant Kal-El and rocketed its last son to a faraway planet Earth where the child grows up to become the greatest champion ever known. It has now been confirmed that most of the series action in the first season will take place in the capital city of Kandor. Popularly regarded as the target of one of the world-collector Brainiac’s targets, the Superman villain famously shrinks the city and exhibits it in a bottle.

The Bottled City of Kandor becomes an important fixture in the Man of Steel’s Fortress of Solitude and years later its inhabits have played significant roles in some of Superman’s most relevant story arcs. With all the political intrigue that is expected to centrifugally drive that narrative especially during Krypton’s first season, fans are delighted that the series will dive into more startling revelations about Superman’s home world.

The show’s executive producer Damien Kindler shared with the online news site how prominently the presence of the Man of Steel will play into the new show, but that all expectations fans have about what they know about the fate of Krypton will be startling! With the stakes so high and the show’s very deliberate premise that is set on a villainous plot to compromise the future of Superman, all eyes will be on Krypton as it prepares to debut on SyFy.

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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