Review: Motherlands #1

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Si Spurrier

Artist: Rachael Stott



Everyone one has issues with their parents, “Mommy” or “Daddy” issues. Those with successful, driven, or famous parents feel it even more than the rest of us. Imagine how President Trump’s son feels, or Tom Cruise’s child feels, better yet, what about Prince George of Cambridge? Having famous parent’s must come along with a heavy toll.

Tabitha, or “Tabbatub” as her mother called her during her formative years, has just those issues. Growing up, Tabitha’s mother was a famous bounty hunter! She would track criminals throughout the multi-verse, no matter which “String” they jumped to or came from. She was a sexy fem fetal version of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Well, time goes on, age takes hold, and TV is only kind for so long. Her mom retires eventually and bounty hunting stops being fun to watch. Thirty years on, Tabitha is all grown up and literally crushing the heads of criminals. What’s left of them is brought back to String 0, where Tabitha and those in her profession collect their reward.

On her way to collect the most recent bounty, the fool is shouting for mercy. He has information. Big info worth lots and he’ll give it to her if Tabitha lets him go…right. Only, he does, and once he is cashed in, a quick scan of his mind has a bulletin bouncing all over String 0 with the report….Tabitha’s day couldn’t get worse, right?

Wrong! Not only is she being bullied by every manner of cyborg, alien, and freak from ever string, but now, the only person who can help her catch this big bounty and pull herself out of debt…is her Mom.



Rachael Stott’s art is fabulous! Something that impressed me was that Tabitha, who occupies at least 3/4 of the panels never has the same expression twice! Whether she is sneering, scowling, slack jawed, feeling sad, or blowing her top, she is expressive, and unique. Not only is this true of Tabitha, but every other character as well. Check out page eleven for my favourite expressions.

The costumes are also very interesting and elaborate. They feel like they draw inspiration from late 70s and early 80s sci-fi TV shows. Its ridiculous, big, and colorful, or it’s bare chests full of hair.

Conceptually, Motherlands seems pretty straight forward and plane. It’s Dog the Bounty Hunter meets Doctor Who. But what makes this comic stand out are the memorable characters written by Si Spurrier. Instantly, you will find yourself routing for Tabitha and hating her mother, as Tabitha does.



There are no negatives worth mentioning in this issue.



Motherlands #1 hit’s the ground running, quite literally. It is packed with colorful and mind-bending characters from other dimensions. Spurrier and Stott have opened the door on an infinite world of possibility with this comic. So far, it’s a world I’d like to stay in.

Konrad Secord-Reitz

Konrad (@WednesdayNR) is a comic book fan for all genres. Staring with superheroes and moving toward more non-traditional characters and stories he reads everything and anything that draws his attention and is written well. Growing up Konrad watched Batman:TAS and all the other WB cartoons. That childhood love of Batman spread into gaming and comics. In 2011, with the New 52, Konrad picked up his first comic and started collecting, not stopped since. Konrad loves to review comics and interview your favorite artists and writers! For more of his content be sure to follow him on social media and check out his website