Batman v Superman Concept Artist Shares Hi-Tech Batsuit Scrapped For Classic Look

by Rob Towsey
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Concept artist Jerad S.Marantz previously shared concepts for what he was working on for the Batsuit to be used in Batman v Superman.

Marantz certainly took it up a notch with his latest concept share for the Dark Knight, below:

Marantz explained how he was looking at more “futuristic and techy options” before being told to go for a more classic Batman look.

Personally, I think he nailed it!

Originally upon first seeing the original reveal I was concerned about the size of the ears on the cowl but overtime and after viewing the finished suit in action, it became the definitive look for me.

What do you think, would you have liked to have seen a more futuristic look or were you happy with the finished product?

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