Bendis Bringing Creator-Owned Titles From Marvel’s Icon Over To DC

by Joshua Raynor
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As part of a multi-prong rollout of Brian Michael Bendis’ initial work as a DC-exclusive creator, the publisher has revealed in a new interview with Forbes that many of the Portland-based writer’s creator-owned titles once published by Marvel’s Icon imprint are moving to a new imprint at DC under Bendis’ company name, Jinxworld.

Later this spring, DC plans to digitally re-release Brilliant (with Mark Bagley), Fire, Fortune & Glory, and Total Sellout.

Powers (with Michael Avon Oeming), Scarlet (with Alex Maleev), and The United States of Murder Inc. (with Oeming) are scheduled to resume publication under this new DC imprint later this year. Additional “new characters” are also teased.

DC also mentioned Jinx, Torso, and a.k.a. Goldfish as having a future at DC, but no specific plans for those three titles were given.

Takio, another creator-owned title by Bendis and Oeming from Marvel’s Icon, was not mentioned.

Check out the website at or the DC YouTube channel for the latest news regarding Brian Michael Bendis and the World’s Greatest Super Heroes.

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