New “Krypton” Material Debuts Superman’s Cape

by Jay
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Clothes make the man, as they say, or in this case, the Superman. And nothing stands out more than the Man of Steel’s cape. That being said, every comic artist’s favorite motion tool makes its debut in new promotional material for Syfy’s Superman prequel series Krypton.

Thankfully, all due in part to the involvement of Man of Steel scribe David S. Goyer, fans’ expectations are high for this series, designed to take place within the motion picture’s continuity. Set 200 years before the destruction of Kal-El’s homeworld, Krypton follows the exploits of Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El, in the early days of a hierarchical revolution. Thus far, trailers and images hint at iconic Superman villains such as Brainiac, as well as classic DC hero Adam Strange, and a forbidden romance between Seg-El and Lyta Zod.

In the recent trailer, an unnamed narrator describes the cape as the property of he who “will become the greatest hero in the universe.” It is an extension of the earlier trailer where Strange confronts Seg-El with that same cape, hinting at his grandson’s destiny. The accompanying new imagery reveals Van-El, Seg’s own grandfather, our first look at Lyta, and a woman named Nyssa Vex.

Krypton is scheduled to premiere on SyFy March 21.

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