Rumor Mill: Was Zack Snyder Fired From ‘Justice League’?

by Joshua Raynor
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A big rumor has hit the web recently surrounding Zack Snyder and his departure from Justice League.

Former Variety and The Wrap journalist, Josh L. Dickey, took to Twitter to drop a potential bomb about the man who launched the DC Cinematic Universe and the way things went down all those months ago.

According to Dickey, Snyder was fired from Justice League over a year ago, a piece of information that has been shared by journalists over at Collider as well.  It’s being said that the reason for this is because his original rough cut was supposedly “unwatchable”, something I do remember hearing months before Justice League came out.

According to Batman-News, the time frame for this seems to not quite match up, as Snyder was still working on the film last year on his birthday in March and was promoting the film later that month at Cinemacon.

Could he have been let go a month or two after that? Possibly, but it calls into question the validity of Dickey’s statements.  Is he just bitter and trying to stir the pot, or is there some truth to what he’s saying? Was him being fired from Justice League the reason he had absolutely nothing to do with the film after Whedon took over?

It’s doubtful we’ll ever hear the true story, but for WB’s sake, I really hope it didn’t go down this way. Particularly with his departure being right after the death of his daughter.

We’ll keep you updated if any more news comes out.

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