Review: Ragman #5

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Ray Fawkes

Artist: Inaki Miranda



As Ragman tries to get Mandy and Frank Jr. to safety, Frank Jr.’s possession allows for the leader of the demonic invasion in Gotham to finally arrive…Z’Dargill! Ragman is out of time, and with all of the players finally out in the open, Ragman can only trust one person to save the city…himself. The final battle for the souls of the innocent begins here!


In this issue, Ragman deals with the past sins of Rory as Frank Jr., in his demon possessed self, brings up the loss of his father, which is something Rory still feels is his fault. We get introduced to Ystin of Camelot, an old foe of Etrigan. Ystin fights demons as well and warns Rory of Etrigan’s manipulation. This character also offers the reader a well-done tether to Etrigan’s canon.

The big bad that unites Etrigan, Ystin, and Ragman is pretty formidable, and his reveal feels right out of a blockbuster movie. Lastly, Z’Dargill’s powers, as well as his army, including the possession of Mandy, makes it almost impossible for our heroes to succeed, which propels the story to the unfathomable ending, one which the next story looks to deliver.





Worth the buy, as this issue is the best so far, but I believe the conclusion, will deliver in spades.


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