Brian Michael Bendis Reveals The Reason He Chose Superman Over Batman

When word got out that DC took one of Marvel’s most prolific writers, Brian Michael Bendis, the comic book world could not wait for the auteur to work his magic on DC’s pantheon. Many fans assumed, judging by his past material, that he would go for darker characters like Batman or Kyle Rayner. However, to those fans’ surprise, he chose the Man of Steel, and in a recent interview he revealed his reason behind that choice:

“I said to Dan, if Superman is available sometime in my contract, I want to take a shot at it. I think he thought I was going to ask for Batman…but I think Batman is well taken care of. Not that Superman isn’t as well, the Mr. Oz story is phenomenal, but one was pulling to me more. Dan said ‘We’re gonna start a new direction with Action 1000. What a great place to land you and say this is part of the legacy and how much we believe in it.  … I would literally have to start writing for DC the day after I finished writing for Marvel, but we could do it.”

The success of those books prove Bendis’ point, but I have a feeling what he does with Action Comics may have fans comparing him to Grant Morrison, and a few other masters in this field.

Action Comics #1000 is set to hit shelves on April 18th.