Review: Batman #41

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Tom King

Pencils: Mikel Janin



Poison Ivy has succeeded where nearly every supervillain has failed–she finally rules the world! Everyone in the world is under the control of Poison Ivy–except for Batman and Catwoman of course! As Selina and Bruce try to piece together exactly what happened, Alfred appears–and he’s not the friendly and reliable butler that Bruce knows either!


Once again, it’s a joy to finally see Bruce share his adventures with someone on a regular basis and it’s fun seeing his and Selina’s dialogue with one another. It’s almost as if they truly are one as King shows how they bounce ideas off of each other due to their particular situation. Thanks to Bruce’s quick thinking, he gives himself and Selina some medicine that stops the infection that Ivy has spread, but that’s it. Everyone in the world, including the Justice League have all fallen under Ivy’s dangerous spell.


Tom King provides little action in this issue, but it’s completely acceptable here. The story starts off with Ivy basically winning the fight before Batman even realizes it’s started, so you’re just as clueless about events as Bruce and Selina are. It’s the very fear of uncertainty that drives this issue as Bruce and Selina realize that there’s truly no one at all they can rely on. To demonstrate her power, Ivy even zooms the Flash to take a punch from Batman as the Dark Knight attempts to punch an Ivy-controlled Alfred!


Batman #41 is a great read! I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what Batman’s options truly are. Although Batman is a strategist and proficient in many things, he also has allies that he depends on for their expertise and resources as well. Ivy has essentially taken all of that access away–so what will Batman’s next move be?


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