iZombie Season 4 Cranks Up The Comedy And The Drama

by Joshua Raynor
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The fourth season of The CW’s iZombie is right around the corner, and according to the series’ star, Rose McIver, it’s going to be funnier than previous seasons.

McIver shared her insights into the tone of season 4 during a set visit late last year, and she thinks that when the drama becomes stronger, so too do the opportunities for comedy. As she puts it, being able to laugh at something difficult is essentially a way to cope with the weight of the situation. McIver said:

Weirdly I think it’s funnier than season prior, I really do. I think that they’ve just kind of heightened the contrast a bit. It’s strong drama and strong comedy. I believe we have in those grave situations you have to have a sense of humor about things because how else do you get through? So we feel like this season you can look forward to Major on wresting brain and Liv on romantic comedy brain at the same time, so there’s plenty of humor that finds its way through and I think that it’s some of the funniest writing that I’ve experienced in the show.

As McIver mentioned, Liv will be on rom-com brain, which gives the show plenty of opportunities to switch things up and and really go for some laughs by including classic romantic comedy tropes in the episode.

I watched a lot of Bridget Jones and Notting Hill and all the classics. It’s one of my favorites. It’s a two-parter episode so we get a lot of it. But the devices that provides are really, really, funny like we see things in slow motion and we have the fans in the face and we have Liv reacting to things in a way that’s certainly doesn’t fly with the people around her, as often is the case. It will certainly remind people of the comedy that we’re capable of on this show.

iZombie season 4 premieres Monday, February 26 @9pm on The CW.

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