‘The Kitchen’ Gets Release Date and (Maybe) Melissa McCarthy!

by Jay
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New Line Cinema and DC Entertainment have announced that the theatrical adaptation of Vertigo Comics’ The Kitchen will debut September 20, 2019.

Further, Suicide Squad producer Michael De Luca has been formally assigned to the project while actress Melissa McCarthy is in active talks to join Tiffany Haddish in a leading role.

Based upon the comic series, The Kitchen follows three mob wives in 1970s New York City that take over and ruthlessly run the Irish mafia after the FBI incarcerate their husbands.  Presumably, Haddish and McCarthy will plat two of the three wives, with the third yet to be cast.

The book is described as such:

New York City, late 1970s. Times Square is a haven for sex and drugs. The City teeters on the verge of bankruptcy, while blackouts can happen at any moment. This is the world of THE KITCHEN.

The Irish gangs of New York rule the neighborhood, bringing terror to the streets and doing the dirty work for the Italian mafia. Jimmy Brennan and his crew were the hardest bastards in the Kitchen, but after they’re all put in prison, their wives – Kath, Raven, and Angie – decide to keep running their rackets. And once they get a taste of the fast life and easy money, it won’t be easy to stop.

Who do you think should join these ladies as the third lead?  Let us know in the comments and stay tuned as more on the film develops.

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